An Answer for Chronic Sinusitis

balloon-sinuplasty-schematicMillions of Americans suffer from chronic, debilitating sinus problems. Sinusitis can cause severe headaches that can make even the most basic day-to-day tasks difficult. Now, a new procedure that draws from the lifesaving technology used for cardiac patients can offer relief.

Balloon sinuplasty in Palm Beach is a way for doctors to help patients with a less invasive procedure that can be performed in a doctor’s office setting. It involves a balloon and catheter that are used to open blocked sinus passages, promoting drainage and offering relief almost instantly.

Because the procedure is performed under a local anesthetic, it can be performed in the doctor’s office, which means the balloon sinuplasty cost is much lower than it would be for a more invasive procedure in a hospital setting.

Additionally, balloon sinuplasty in Palm Beach now also takes advantage of PROPEL technology. It is a dissolvable stent that can be used to hold the nasal passages open after the procedure. As the stent dissolves, it releases anti-inflammatory drugs that can help reduce the risk of some of the complications that can arise from the procedure.

For those dealing with chronic sinusitis, this procedure can offer long-lasting relief. It is a proven and effective option that allows people to put the debilitating pain of sinus pressure behind them.


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