Propel Technology a New innovation in Balloon Sinuplasty

Millions of people suffer from serious sinus issues. Balloon sinuplasty has emerged as a highly effective procedure to help people find long-term relief, and now a new innovation has made the procedure even more effective.

Propel is a dissolvable stent used to hold the nasal passages open after surgery. It is created from an innovative material that dissolves over time while also releasing anti-inflammatory medication to assist in the healing process.

In clinical trials, Propel has been shown safe and is the only sinus surgery product proven with level 1-A evidence as to its effectiveness and safety. It reduces scarring, inflammation, and polyps while also lowering the need for oral steroid medication or further surgery.

Fix Your Sinuses is the source for balloon sinuplasty Palm Beach, and provides Propel to help patients enjoy the most successful surgical experience. The procedure can be performed right in the clinic, and short recovery times mean patients can get back to their routine in a day or so.


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